I’ve got a new favorite plant, this happens from time to time. I love my plants anyway, and since coming back in to the industry, I now realise how much I don’t know, but plants still excite me. I can’t put my finger on exactly why they do but they do!


So back in the summer, on the family holiday, we happened to pop into Otter Nurseries, not planned (much) at all and after the usual cup of tea and big slice of cake (Lemon Drizzle if I remember correctly) it was plant time. A few Crocosmia fell in to the basket, followed by a couple of Sempervivums, just as I had visions of a bit of a succulent planter.

So now we are in February, and I’m looking at these plants, wondering what to do with them. I have taken some offset cuttings of ‘Jungle Fire’ and popped them in the propagator, I’ve no doubt they will root quite quickly, I’m then hoping to get a big trough in the garden and start experimenting!


I didn’t know much about Sempervivum until recently, there is about 40 species in the genus, which belong to the family Crassulaceae family. The common name is Houseleek, they are a hardy monocarpic perennial, monocarpic meaning they die after flowering, although they have usually given out enough new plants by means of offshoots for it not to be a problem.


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