Its that time of year, when I look through the seed store and think “Must sort that out” and a couple of weeks ago, its exactly what I did. Well, I guided the kids, its important for them to learn these skills!

As you can see, I have all my seeds in a plastic box, and now, each months sowings are in a poly pocket, which has made things quite easy. I’ve also made a spreadsheet on the computer, so I can keep track of actual sowing dates and performance etc.



The other thing I’ve noticed is, I have rather a lot of seeds, thanks in part to Wyevale selling theirs off in the autumn for 50p a packet.

I was lucky enough to get some seeds from the small people for Christmas, so I have already sown these, in pots but left them out of the way in a cool spot, they will take ages to do anything, these are:

Eucomis bicolor Alba
Eucomis autumnalis

The Eucomis are usually bought as bulbs, but I thought it maybe nice to give them a try as seeds. I only came across the Eucomis last year and was some what hooked, Im building a small collection, but one that is growing quite well.

I’ve also sown some

Primula Vialii and I’m hoping these will come up a lot quicker.

In addition to those, I have also sown a range of sweet peas, I grow these up on the allotment, this year I’ve gone for quite a range as Im wanting to experiment with a range of cut flowers and have set aside a bed just for this, but more about that as the season gets going.
Sweet peas sown are:

Sweet Pea ‘Alan Titchmarsh’
Sweet Pea ‘Ballerina Blue’
Sweet Pea ‘Early Mammoth Mixed’
Sweet Pea ‘Erewhon’
Sweet Pea ‘Floral Tribute Mixed’
Sweet Pea ‘Little bit of magic’

And this afternoon, Im aiming to sow my Chilli seeds and another unusual one in the form of…

Dracunculus vulgaris


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