More Seeds!

I know, I know, the last post was was on seeds, but so is this one.

Seeds are quite exciting really, well, I think they are. These (usually) little things that look like nothing special hold so much potential and promise, all they need is a little care and attention, or often total ignorance and magically you (hopefully) get these amazing new plants, I think its just wonderful.

It is however Friday night and its been a long and busy week, so I maybe rambling.


One of my friends on social media, we shall call her “Devonshire Doris” because that’s not her name, replied to one of my tweets about seeds and suggested some seed swapping. It just so happened I had a few seeds I had no intention of growing, but didn’t want to throw away “Just in case” so I dutifully packed them up and sent them off to strange counties, in return I had a wonderful envelope full of promise. It was had been a long day at work and arriving home to this really cheered me up.

Had to Google a few of the names as they were a little unfamiliar, but Im so looking forward to growing these, I really cant wait!

So you maybe wondering what Im so excited about… well, here is a few of them, Im going to be sowing the following, when the time is right. Each name should be clickable so you can see more about each plant.

Hosta tokudama flavocircinalis 

Fritillaria meleagris

Alcea (Aubergine Coloured)

Rhodotypos scandens

Belamcanda chinensis

So thank you to “Doris” I hope to be posting more stories of how the seeds are progressing as soon as I can!

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