Fuchsia paniculata

I was having a look round the nursery at work earlier in the week, something I rather like to do as it always inspires me, seeing what the different and often unusual plants are doing as well as talking with our great nursery man. I’ve a great number of plants I love seeing in there, and slowly Im remembering what they are called, how they grow and the best way of propagating them.

One of my favorites is Fuchsia paniculata, bit of an unusual one, coming from Central / South America, its not overly common in the UK. It is a fairly hardy (to approx -5) in the UK, although like most hardy Fuchsias, as soon as the frost strikes, they die back to ground level. F. paniculata does take a bit of time to get going again.

We have a couple of these planted outside, and last year, the frost didn’t touch them, so we had a good display, right until the frosts in early Jan.

They can get to quite a large size if grown indoors, and outside, they put on a good show too!


The photo above was taken on 11th November.

I was really pleased to see the specimen in the nursery still flowering this week, certainly brightened the day up.


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