I love my Hellebores, there is such a massive range these days, especially with the great availability of the Harvington Hybrids, a great supplier of these are Twelve Nunns Nursery. Im intending on boosting my stocks this year, I bought several last year, although a rather unfortunate accident involving Miracle Grow ensured none grew!


Still, my front garden is looking quite good this morning, I decided to add some logs, collected from work, to give a bit of a different dimension to my otherwise flat, East facing garden. I think it works quite well. There are a number of newly added bulbs in this area too, but I shall post about those at a later date.


A lot of the Hellebores seem to have gone back to a pinky/red colour, though I cant totally remember their colouring last year, I still have some more “tarty” types, especially this frilly one.


This was my original clump, given to me as a much smaller clump from my father several years ago.


You can divide them in the spring should they require it, they also seed quite prolifically and you can usually find seedling on the soil in the area. These can be potted up and looked after, but probably wont flower for several years, its also unlikely they will come true to form, but that is all part of the fun!





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